"Points of View" featuring Edwin Kayton and Maurice Douek

Maurice Douek (left) and Edwin Kayton (right) joined forces to present the latest Lavender Moon Gallery Art Exhibit entitled "Points of View" on March 12th. The art event drew a large crowd of local art collectors, friends and admirers of their work.

Works by Edwin Kayton

Works by Maurice Douek

"Autumn Vista"
Original Oil on canvas, 21" X 17" framed
Price: $450.

"Regal Lavender"
Original Oil Diptych, each panel measures 23" X 28" framed
Price: $1,600. ($800/each)

"Lavender Fields Forever"
Original Oil on canvas, 36" X 30" framed
Price: $1,800. or Unframed at $1,600.

"Misty Sunset"
Original Oil on canvas, 28" X 23" framed
Price: $650.

"Before the Performance"
Original Oil framed 23" X 29" $1,400. or unframed
Price: $1,200.

"Forgotten Gate"
Original Oil on canvas, 21 " X 17 " framed
Price: $450.

"Placid Summer"
Original Oil on canvas, 44" X 34" framed
Price: $2,250.

"Peaceful Meadow"
Original Oil on canvas, 21" X 17" framed
Price: $450.

"Misty Fall Morning in Central Park"
Original Oil on canvas, 31" X 36" framed $1,800. or unframed
Price: $1,600.

Original Oil on canvas, 36" X 30" framed $1,800. or unframed
Price: $1,600.

"Hula Mele"
Original Oil on canvas, 28" X 35" framed
Price: $1,700.

"Island Moment"
Original Oil on canvas, 30" X 36" Framed $1,800. or Unframed
Price: $1,600.

About the Artists

"Points of View" an aptly named dual art exhibit for Edwin Kayton and Maurice Douek, opens at Lavender Moon Gallery on Saturday, March 12th, with a reception from 3:00 to 7:00 pm. The public is invited to meet the artists and view their latest paintings. Kayton's well-known realistic portrayals of Hawaiian and Italian imagery balance beautifully with Douek's lighter Impressionistic approach to very similar subjects.

The expressive dimension of oil painting is ideal for varied styles of altering color, values, texture and form while allowing the artist to maintain a personal signature. Both artists capitalize on this.

Douek works with a restricted value change and very subtle color shifts, offering fleeting impressions of scenes bathed in light. Having worked in fabric design for many years, his understanding of color and all its variations is apparent on his canvas. Douek has studied with Kayton for the past 10 years, developing his own very distinctive style, which is influenced by his cultivated European upbringing

Kayton's approach to all art forms concentrates on a strong sense of realism and uses perspective to create an illusion of reality with a special focus on lighting. His sparse palette of colors, dominated by earth tones, is ideal of an occasional chiaroscuro approach, emphasizing intense lights and heavy shadows that create depth and focus in a painting. He also sometimes uses an impasto technique, which is the laying on of paint thickly, to emphasize dimensional characteristics.

Lavender Moon Gallery has represented Kayton's work for eight years and welcomes the opportunity to share Kayton's latest paintings, in addition to introducing the work by Douek.

The exhibit runs from Mar. 12th-Apr. 12th. For more information call 324-7708.